One of the most memorable and most popular experiences in Ruiru is the mid golf course Gazebo Nyama Choma. Located at the convergence of fairways 7 and 17 on your way to the dreaded fairways 8 and 18, this island of peace and comfort before the storm is a hive of activity and something worth experiencing.

It comfortably accommodates 4 four ball teams every 10 minutes.  Free Grilled, boiled, fried meats, veggies and other bittings are offered to every golfer in a bush wild Africa experience. Sit on tree trunks and eat on tables hewed directly from course overgrown trees.

Enjoy scenic dams as you avoid marauding hawks and eagles keen on snatching your meat. The place is also ideal for a Sunday family picnic.

Soon fishing and boat rides will be added to the experience.

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